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Aqua House

San Antonio, USA


The Aqua house is situated on the outskirts of San Antonio, elegantly projecting itself amidst the serene landscape. Expansive windows offer an awe-inspiring panorama of the untouched valley below, creating a truly breathtaking sight. Every element utilized in constructing this magnificent residence has been meticulously chosen: untreated concrete, richly textured wood, shimmering glade, and sleek metal, all harmoniously blending to form an architectural masterpiece.

Foto 01-04-16 5 45 46 p.m..png
Foto 31-03-16 3 56 53 p.m..png
Foto 29-03-16 7 10 51 p.m..jpg
Foto 30-03-16 4 11 05 p.m..png
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