First building stage is about to be done, considered as the kindergarten and administration. Currently functioning areas: Baby-care Center Kindergarten Cafeteria Football court Pool Tae Kwon Do studio Gym Administration This enormous scale project has been developed in a record time fulfilling the building and safety standards. Taking the project to the real life has been one of the most satisfying rewards for the company.


Currently functioning accommodating double of the expected capacity for the beginning of the scholar year accomplishing the academic offer goal since baby care center until middle-high school. The complex functioning at its 60% achieves perfectly all expectations and space functionality, this spaces intervening with green areas, parks and outdoors with unique purposes such as the "Freenotes Harmony Park" offering complementary activities focused on the student development. In general terms the complex it is composed of two areas, educational area and administration and the construction process in developing in three stages. STAGE 1. Baby care center, kinder garden, cafeteria, football courts


Surrounded by big trees, matching with a photography steep terrain, CAO JUNSHENG VILLA search for an interaction with its environment through strong diagonal strokes which embrace the riverside intricate surface of Muskoka Lake. Considering topography and landscape this unique space was designed following a trace in order to respect trees and green area without compromising the amazing views that lake Muskoka has to offer. Every space was designed to fulfill a specific need offering privacy and intricate views from the interior combining inside and outside views merging a transition between both creating an experience for the user. In contrast against the imposing exterior diagonal lines, di


Our design approach evolves from inside to outside, our foundations, which are individuals and their functional needs and comfort, blending the responsible, and sustainable design values. The creation of dynamic spaces it is our base, focus on making the individual an extension of it, reflecting the local culture and community.


Architectonical project introduction to the market, attributing the platform and conditions for its exhibition and distribution. Amongst the client, or the so - called alliance, and under legal terms it will be determinate a brand use license fee. This fee will be named “Patent royalty” and depends on the project to be realized and the agreed terms. Patent royalty fee will be calculated by CREATO and the client under criteria such as project dimensions, electronic media reach, development category: Private housing Real state housing Architectonical development: - Commercial - Institutional - Health - Residential


We create memorable and attractive spaces that fulfill our selected clientele aspirations. While architecture main tasks are functionality and accommodation, CREATO highlights articulate the experience of our precious existence reinforcing sense of reality and humanism. Our work hierarchy sets that every project developed by the extension should be approved and supervised by our CONTACT DEPARTMENT, so when it begins will be monitored with the respective internal reviews working simultaneously with the extension.


Our working methodology is based in a Workshop, where everyone collaborates and takes part of the project. We don’t stick to any rule, there’s full freedom for experimentation guided by no style but the design line conformed by CREATO team through the years. Our standards have no limits, just fulfilling our primary concerns, creating a space where functionality and design converge, conceiving an exclusive structure. CREATO keeps always an “avant garde” esthetics that is what has given to us a reputation of a unique style, although we don’t follow a style as such; we like to reinvent our own design line with each project, feeling free to experiment at the design phase. " There’s no limit rega