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Casa Puerta Aqua

The architectural project of the house in Zapopan, Mexico, stands out for its functional and aesthetic design. The house is elevated on a platform with a slope of vegetation, and its volumetry presents a balanced asymmetrical geometry. On the ground floor, the social areas are located, while the bedrooms are found on the upper floor, ensuring a clear separation between public and private spaces.

A standout feature of the design is the interior courtyard, where a large tree occupies the center. The red monochromatic stairs, with a sculptural character, provide access to the courtyard and contrast with the neutral color palette of the project.

This architectural approach aims to integrate nature into the design of the house, creating a harmonious and functional environment for its inhabitants. The combination of natural elements with contemporary details, such as the red stairs, adds a distinctive touch to the project, highlighting its uniqueness within the luxury residential context of Zapopan.

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