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Distrito Cancún

Cancún, México

Distrito Living  MaCc

Distrito Cancun is composed of residential area, a school Macc, and commercial development, all of this joined in a unique and novel manner that mixes interiors and exteriors with the distinctive signature style of Creato. Dominating and perfecting volumes merging functionality, originality and esthetics. This development offers a hip and trendy lifestyle combining basic needs of education and recreation, bringing them close to the residential area. Attending to these needs Distrito Cancun offers several concepts like a Linea Park, which brings green areas in to the architecture of the complex creating harmonic spaces between design and nature.

The complex was planned since first instance giving special treatment to the areas that will be occupied by the younger students, in order to guarantee their security. Educational area, recreational area and cultural area merge in between interactive gardens, green areas and resting squares.


It has very modern facilities with an incredible design. It has ample spaces around the entire campus so that your child feels free to play. It is strategically lit and ventilated. You feel like you are in a building of the future.

Distrito Cancún

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Distrito Living features 7 towers  with amazing views to parks and mangrove swaps