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Alexence Villa

Abuja, Nigeria


Discover the grandeur and opulence of Alexence Villa, an exceptional project nestled in Abuja, Nigeria. This masterpiece of luxury living boasts a unique concept that elevates the standard of elegance and sophistication. With its spacious layout and lavish amenities, every detail of Alexence Villa is designed to impress and inspire. Experience unparalleled refinement and elegance at this exclusive address.

Alexence Villa harmonizes contemporary design with futuristic innovation, capturing the imagination with its geometric layout and monumental structure. This remarkable three-level residence offers a range of top-tier amenities, including a swimming pool, cinema, men's cave, spa, and gym. Social areas such as the formal dining room, family room, and spacious kitchen are meticulously designed for residents' needs. The private quarters consist of five uniquely designed bedrooms providing optimal comfort. The exterior landscape, featuring a reflective pool, creates an atmosphere of tranquility and sophistication, enhancing the residence's elegance and serene ambiance.

Alexence Villa - Maqueta 02-enhanced.png
Alexence Villa - Exterior Render 02-enhanced.png
Alexence Villa - Interior Renders 06.png
Alexence Villa - Interior Renders 08
Alexence Villa - Interior Renders 03
Alexence Villa - Interior Renders 04
Alexence Villa - Interior Renders 02
Alexence Villa - Interior Renders 01


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