Juan Palomar - Exterior Renders 19.jpg

Juan Palomar Tower

Zapopan, Mexico

Standing out for its ultra-modern design; this grand tower offers a unique sensory experience that plays with its monumental character, big scale size, lights and an iconic shape.

In its creative process, CREATO decided to analyze the landmarks of the city and rescue its virtues to project them on the tower. Iconic verticality, forming a meeting point with a long life over time, generating an attraction site through mixed uses. And for its formal proposal, the concept was the reinterpretation of architectural gestures from historic buildings to contemporary elements.

Use:  Residential
Area:  32,480 M2 Built
Land Area: 4,600 M2 Plot 
Other information: 4 parking basements, 40 levels. 190 residential apartments, hotel, retail & restaurants.