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Guarapari, Brasil

Located in a prime location along the coast of Guarapari, the site is surrounded by panoramic views of the Atlantic Ocean and direct access to golden sandy beaches. With this as its cornerstone, the architectural design takes inspiration from the undulating, fluid forms of ocean waves, creating a unique design that evokes the energy and beauty of the sea.

953x709 d.jpg

The complex structures are designed with curved and fluid lines, mimicking the waves growing imposingly out to sea and gently breaking on the shore. The volumes blend seamlessly with their marine environment, creating a sense of continuity between land and water.

The buildings are strategically positioned to maximize panoramic ocean views, with expansive windows and private balconies offering direct connection to the marine environment. Residents and guests can enjoy stunning sunsets and horizon views from the comfort of their rooms or while enjoying the resort's facilities.

Untitled design.jpg
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The resort captures the essence and beauty of ocean waves. With its organic design, luxury amenities, and prime location, it offers an unparalleled living and vacation experience on the coast of Guarapari.

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