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Santa María - Exterior Renders 02.jpg

Santa Maria Tower

This tower makes its way to the high demand of avant-garde in Monterrey, this mixed-use complex finds the perfect fusion between the forms, uses, luxury, and a unique ultra-modern architectural style, making it unique and iconic. Its forms were designed to transmit lightness and height, projected from a more solid platform.

For the covering, a skin was chosen that would transmit the vocation of its interior, with the front side focusing on the Business Center, and the backside on Life Living. This is expressed through a play on the glass that, as the building develops, opens up and transforms, transmitting the same language to achieve its forms but with different accents.

Santa María - Exterior Renders 01_edited.jpg
Santa María - Interior Renders 04.jpg
Santa María - Interior Renders 06.jpg
Monterrey city in Nuevo León. Beautiful drone view on San Pedro Garza García and famous la
Santa María - Interior Renders 05.jpg
Santa María - Exterior Renders 01_edited.jpg
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Santa María - Interior Renders 01.jpg
Santa María - Interior Renders 02.jpg
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