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Sankofa City
Accra, Ghana

Located in Ghana, this new way of living gives the people the opportunity to become part of the future, proposing a futuristic city that contemplate all the necessities that an habitant could have, creating a fusion between sustainable living and urban life.
In the so-called "gold coast of Africa" ​​and nestled in a unique natural environment within the largest metropolis in this wonderful country full of history, heritage and culture. 
Sankofa City emerges in the middle of the city, the city of the future. With its imposing architecture it offers an ecological lifestyle that connects its inhabitants with their roots.
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Sankofa City - Exterior Renders 05.jpg
Sankofa City - Exterior Renders 08.jpg
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Sankofa City - Exterior Renders 03.jpg
Sankofa City - Exterior Renders 01.jpg
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