Entradas destacadas


September 26, 2017

Currently functioning accommodating double of the expected capacity for the beginning of the scholar year accomplishing the academic offer goal since baby care center until middle-high school.


The complex functioning at its 60% achieves perfectly all expectations and space functionality, this spaces intervening with green areas, parks and outdoors with unique purposes such as the "Freenotes Harmony Park" offering complementary activities focused on the student development.


In general terms the complex it is composed of two areas, educational area and administration and the construction process in developing in three stages.

STAGE 1. Baby care center, kinder garden, cafeteria, football courts, and pool, (Currently functioning; the administration is in its final construction stage, with some plus areas such as Tae kwon do studio and gym.


STAGE 2. Contemplates elementary school and middle-high school (Currently under construction with an estimated released time of three months).

Stage 3. In this building stage the Discovery Center is going to be released (Estimated released time, 2018 first semester). This great studying complex will accommodate a library, workshops, laboratories, aquarium, mixed uses spaces for