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Our working methodology is based in a Workshop, where everyone collaborates and takes part of the project.

We don’t stick to any rule, there’s full freedom for experimentation guided by no style but the design line conformed by CREATO team through the years.

Our standards have no limits, just fulfilling our primary concerns, creating a space where functionality and design converge, conceiving an exclusive structure. CREATO keeps always an “avant garde” esthetics that is what has given to us a reputation of a unique style, although we don’t follow a style as such; we like to reinvent our own design line with each project, feeling free to experiment at the design phase.

" There’s no limit regarding space, since a residential space till a full complex, either medical, retail or institutional complex. "

It all begins wit conceptual outlining, which starts the process of conceiving a shape; then a brainstorm with different perspectives upgrades the project allowing forms experimentation.

This brainstorm develops after studying the land, volume and our client needs. Studying cultural aspects or specific points given by the future user of the structure.

Then this conceptual design migrates to different technological platforms such as modeling softwares or 3D model printing where its shapes defines in order to proceed to solving the spaces achieving distribution plans.

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