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Verona Tower

Zapopan, Mexico

VERONA is an innovative and luxurious concept designed with the signature stroke of the firm, an inspiring place of magnificent spaces, monumental architecture that stands out from the urban environment.


A refuge in the most prestigious area of Zapopan, homes that inspire and welcome, for owners with unique character, VERONA turns the owner’s home into an experience.

In the middle of this amazing city, Verona Tower stands out for its modern and organic architecture; offering a vertical living experience with unmatched luxury.

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Verona Tower - Exterior Renders 06.jpg
Verona tower designed by Creato

The facade is strongly recognizable from a great distance due to the non-continuous mass of the building and intentionally offset. It has oval cuts in the corners of the mezzanine slabs with the intention of softening the formal proposal and giving it a unique touch.

Verona Tower - Exterior Renders 05.jpg
Verona Tower - Exterior Renders 01.jpg
Verona Tower - Interior Renders 06.jpg
Girl relaxing and eating fruit plate by the hotel pool. Exotic summer diet. Tropical beach
Verona Tower - Interior Renders 16.jpeg
Verona Tower - Interior Renders 02.jpg
Verona Tower - Interior Renders 04.png
Verona Tower - Interior Renders 13.png
Captura de Pantalla 2023-02-21 a la(s) 6.22.59.png
Verona 01.png
Verona Tower - Interior Renders 09.png
Verona Tower - Interior Renders 08.png
Verona Tower - Interior Renders 14.png
Captura de Pantalla 2023-02-21 a la(s) 9.31.16.png
Captura de Pantalla 2023-02-21 a la(s) 9.31.53.png

Development Update

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