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A luxurious getaway beyond imagination. Living at Vivienda Resort feels like stepping inside your dreams.

The idyllic place for the most memorable moments. Savor every highlight of 5-star elegance and unpretentious luxury.

Welcome new sensations and indulge in a world of wonderful experiences.

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In a paradisiac scenery where the sand and the sunlight prevail, overlooking the turquoise expanse of The Red Sea as well as the most cosmopolitan spot of Middle East life, VIVIENDA RESORT, a unique collection of villas, hotel and aparments awaits you to make your experience the most unforgettable one.


Located on the shores of the Red Sea, on King Abdullah Economic City, one of the most important economic cities in the world, and between Yida and Medina, two promising and growing cities of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The project participates in this desire for a city in motion, always in progress.

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Conceptually, the Red Sea enters into the complex through a central space, which was left open with a landscape design composed by water features, pools and green areas with mixed vegetation. The volumes orbit around this powerful space that feels like an oasis in the middle of the buildings, and at the same time unifies them.

Located on the shores of the Red Sea and spanning an area of 181 million square meters, King Abdullah Economic City is one of the most important economic cities in the world. The city boasts a modern lifestyle, destinations that encourage tranquility and relaxation, and modern living details. It is one of the newest cities in Saudi Arabia, established in 2005 by King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Al Saud and has become one of the most important entertainment destinations visited by millions of visitors.

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