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Icon House exterior  (1).jpg

Zapopan , Mexico


This amazing  villa is Located in Zapopan in the most exclusive area of ZMG, 2,500 sqm os construction.


 Inspired by the villa’s immediate surroundings, the natural interior material palette consists of stone, concrete, wood, and bronze and features various tones of warm browns and greys. The choice of oak joinery and leather furnishings provides a relaxed, elegant feel.


Our mission is always to reinvent ourselves in every project we design, icon house has not been an exception, with a new geometry that solves a complex architectural program, alluding to one piece of art, it is because it was born into that conception, from the initial sketches to the final rendering and modeling, the house has created like one beautiful piece.



Icon Villa - Exterior Renders 04.jpg
Icon Villa - Exterior Renders 03.jpg
Icon - 01.jpg

Projetamos a casa ícone com o objetivo final de criar uma casa surpreendente, mas aconchegante, com novos espaços e ao mesmo tempo inspiradora para quem a habita.

Icon Villa - Interior Renders 20.jpg
Icon Villa - Interior Renders 04.jpg
Icon Villa - Interior Renders 02.jpg
Icon Villa - Interior Renders 15.jpg
Icon Villa - Interior Renders 18.jpg
Icon Villa - Interior Renders 05.jpg
Icon Villa - Interior Renders 16.jpg
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